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European Agenda for Culture

Since 2007, under this initiative, the Commission has been encouraging the national authorities, the cultural sector and EU institutions to jointly promote:

Cooperation with national authorities

The Commission coordinates cooperation with and between national authorities throughout the EU on cultural matters connected to the Agenda – through the EU’s open method of coordination.

- For more, see National authorities

Dialogue with the cultural sector

As part of the Agenda, the cultural sector has a structured dialogue with the European Commission through various platforms for discussion and exchange (see Cultural sector dialogue).

Culture in other EU policies (mainstreaming)

The Agenda also calls for a stronger place for culture in relevant EU programmes and policies (see Culture in other policies) as well as the promotion of evidence-based policy making, in particular through the development of comparable quality statistics on culture across the EU (see Cultural statistics).


Evaluation of the Open Method of Coordination and the Structured Dialogue, as implementing tools of the European Agenda for Culture - 2013

The external Evaluation report (2013) provides an assessment of the extent to which the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) and the Structured Dialogue (SD) contribute to the achievement of the objectives set for the European Agenda for Culture.

In 2010, an implementation report examined progress at European and national levels towards the Agenda’s 3 objectives and assessed initial experiences with the working methods.

European Agenda for Culture – implementation report 2010

In depth

European Expert Network on Culture 


Preparatory action


Culture in EU External Relations



Pilot project on the economy of cultural diversity

Pilot project on the economy of cultural diversity

@diversity: innovative ideas for cultural and creative sectors in Europe