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Internal Market

Policy development actions

Council Regulation (EC) No 116/2009 on the export of cultural goods

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The Regulation (EC) No 116/2009 establishes a licensing requirement for the export of cultural goods outside the customs territory of the Union. Its aim, in the context of the internal market, is to ensure the protection of the Member States' cultural goods.

Council Directive 93/7/EEC on the return of cultural objects unlawfully removed from the territory of a Member State

The Directive 93/7/EEC provides for mechanisms for administrative cooperation between Member States with regard to their national treasures and for a judicial procedure for the return of national treasures unlawfully removed (after 1993) from a Member State territory.

Commission Communication on Copyright in the Knowledge Economy (2009)

The Communication summarises a large-scale consultation process that was launched by the Green Paper on Copyright in the Knowledge Economy of 16 July 2008. The Communication is part of the Digital Agenda and announces an ambitious programme to deal with the emergence of European Digital Libraries and the need to further integrate people with visual impairments into the knowledge economy.

One major task entails creating a coherent framework for copyright in the digital era that

  1. facilitates online access to all print material contained in library and archive collections for the public at large, including the visually impaired;
  2. protects of the rights of right holders and
  3. allows the preservation of Europe's cultural heritage.