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New procedure to accelerate decisions on grants under key EU funding programmes in education, culture, youth and citizenship

A recent modification to the procedural rules of the EU's programmes in the fields of lifelong learning, culture, youth and citizenship as well as the Erasmus Mundus programme  ...
...  will help speed up the selection  of projects qualifying for grants. The European Parliament and the Council have amended the legal basis of the Lifelong Learning Programme, the Culture programme, the Youth in Action programme, the Europe for Citizens programme and the Erasmus Mundus programme so that decisions on the selection of projects can be put in practice more quickly and efficiently. Many of the decisions to award EU-financing to projects under these programmes have so far been subject to an advisory procedure which involves the consultation of both the programme committees, made up of Member State's representatives, and of the European Parliament. This process could take between two and three months. To reduce this delay and to speed up both the selections and the launching of EU-funded projects the Council and the Parliament have agreed that the decisions can be taken without this consultation. To ensure the transparency of the process, the Commission will inform the programme committee and the European Parliament of all awarded funding within two working days.

To make sure that the new procedures work effectively, the Commission will report to the European Parliament and the Council on the impact of these new rules before June 2010.

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