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Annual European Union Prize for Contemporary Popular Music: The European Border Breakers Awards

Call for proposals - DG EAC 09/2008
Modern music is part of Europe 's cultural identity and an extremely important contributor to our economy. Contemporary popular music is appreciated by national audiences who enjoy listing to national artists and support them by buying their CD's and going to their concerts.  However, for emerging talents it is difficult to reach audiences outside their home country and to generate sales in other Member States. The European Border Breakers Awards aims to reward artists who succeed in reaching a broad audience with their debut album outside of the country where the album was produced. The European Border Breakers Awards put the spotlight on these artists, their lyric writers, their composers and their producers and in doing so it emphasizes that cross border success in the field of European contemporary popular music can be achieved, highlighting the richness of European cultural diversity. This call for proposals is based on strand 1.3 of the Culture Programme (which deals with "special actions"). Its main aim is to select a body capable of organising the selection of the award winners, the award ceremony and the promotion of the European Border Breakers Awards in 2010.  This body could also be in charge of the subsequent prizes until 2013, on an annual basis, after the explicit agreement of the European Commission.