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Projects supported by the Culture  programme, give your opinion!

In February projects supported by the Culture programme are requested to participate in a websurvey to give their opinion on the functioning of the programme.
The first three years of implementation of the Culture programme (2007-2009) are currently being evaluated. The Commission has entrusted Ecotec Research and Consulting to conduct this external evaluation, which will examine whether the objectives of the programme are still relevant, how the programme functions and the initial outputs and early effects of financed projects. Feedback from project beneficiaries is essential to the evaluation findings; therefore, please take part in the survey! It is part of our common duty to account for how public money is being spent. Furthermore it will provide an excellent opportunity for your project results to be better known and for you to express your views! All project beneficiaries should have been contacted by Ecotec via e-mail. If this was not your case and you want to take part in the survey, please write a message to: An external evaluation report will be made publicly available over the summer 2010. It will be further used by the Commission to write an official report to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions.