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EU Prize for contemporary architecture/ Mies van der Rohe award travels across Europe and beyond

Awarded every two years, the prize is the most important recognition at European level in the architecture sector. Between two award cycles, travelling exhibitions and debates related to the Prize are featured.

The latest EU Prize for contemporary architecture/ Mies van der Rohe award ceremony was held in Barcelona in June 2013. Created 25 years ago, the Prize has so far facilitated the creation of an online database that documents the almost 2,500 works that have been nominated by experts during these years, as well as an extensive archive consisting of photographs, drawings, digital and audiovisual material, and models. This archive represents the biggest collection of contemporary architecture in Europe.

Nourished by this archive, a photo exhibition, a model exhibition and a debate on contemporary challenges in European architecture have travelled to cities such as Kaunas, Madrid, Lisbon or Graz, Milan, or even New York, at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art.

The model exhibition “Constructing Europe” can be currently seen at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona, showcasing about 170 projects that have been selected by the award juries since 1996. The models are placed chronologically and face to face with a timeline of major trends and events – social, technological, economic and political – and photographs of the Prize Winners and the Emerging Architect Special Mentions’ works. Drawings of European architecture key works between 1988 and 1994 are presented together with a video that shows the selected works of the last edition of the Prize.

At the same time, Harpa, the Reykjavik concert hall and conference centre that won the prize in 2013, is hosting an exhibition and a debate about the significance of Harpa and of the prize for Iceland.

The exhibition will open on 7 February at DAM (Deutsches Architekturmuseum) in Frankfurt and will continued to other locations throughout 2014.

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