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Forum de Chaillot: Which future for culture in Europe?

European creators and intellectuals, policy makers and culture professionals met on 4-5 April, 2014 at the Forum de Chaillot to debate challenges and opportunities for culture in Europe.


The Forum de Chaillot, organised by the French Ministry of Culture, raised a number of issues:  the new digital environment, the future of copyright, the financing of the creative sectors, culture's role as a source of social inclusion, and also which should be the role of the EU when it comes to culture.

Speaking ahead of the Forum Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou commented: "The digital shift has changed how culture is made, distributed and accessed. Our focus needs to be on how Europe can remain a world-leader in producing quality content and how to maintain the competitive advantage of our cultural and creative sectors. Artists and creators are central to this, but they need more public and private investment to promote an entrepreneurial mindset and reach audiences beyond national borders."

In a joint text "Appel de Chaillot" published in connection to the Forum European artists calls for commitment to support the diversity of creations and cultural expressions in the digital era, to ensure culture stakeholders, artists and citizens fully can benefit from the opportunities of the digital era.