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Find your passion for opera with the European Opera Days 12 and 13 May 2012

Each year opera houses in Europe and beyond open their doors and invite you to discover the art of opera and what happens 'behind the scenes'.

Passion is this year's theme for the more than hundred opera companies all across Europe participating in the event. This is your chance to realise your own passion for opera at an opera house near you!

The European Opera Days celebrate opera as an art form. Their aim is to help bring opera into the mainstream of cultural practice and to enhance its appreciation in today’s society.

Opera is the European art form par excellence, because it overcomes national and linguistic barriers through the universal language of music. Its core values and themes are central to European culture, which is part of our common identity. For this reason, the European Opera Days are celebrated on the weekend closest to 9 May, which is Europe Day.

Opera today is alive and kicking. It explores unconventional spaces and forms, uses state-of-the-art technology and draws inspiration from the world in which we live today. It plays a major role in contemporary artistic and cultural life and contributes to the development of a creative society.

Opera reaches out to everyone. Europe needs a creative society in order to develop - just as opera needs the involvement of its audiences if it is itself to develop and remain an innovative art form, central to our lives. Access to opera should therefore be promoted for all European citizens

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