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Promoting innovative approaches to deal with cultural content and respect cultural diversity in the digital age

The European Commission is publishing a call for tenders with the view to launch a pilot action that will test new ways of financing, producing, disseminating or extracting value from cultural contents through ICT technologies

The digital shift is bringing about a change in paradigm, having a massive impact on how cultural goods are created, managed, disseminated, accessed, consumed and monetised, changing the value chains which prevailed in the analogue era.

This shift offers new possibilities for considerably extending audience reach, new ways of interacting with the public as well as educational benefits, provided that cultural operators develop strategies based on new business models that take advantage of the digital technologies.

Against this background, the European Union is launching a pilot project aiming at highlighting and promoting between ten to fifteen ideas making an innovative use of ICT based technologies to finance, produce, make available, disseminate and/or extract value from cultural contents.

The action is also to be seen in the context of the preparation of the next Creative Europe Programme.

The deadline to send an application is 10/8/2012.

You can get all the information you need in order to apply fromthe following web page.