Both conferences are scheduled for Tuesday 28th of January.

Rotterdam MEDIA conference programme on Tuesday 28th of January:

10.30 – 13.00:Everything you always wanted to know about the audience.

- A profile of current and future film audiences.

One of the main objectives for the Creative Europe programme is to develop new audiences for European films. In order to find out more about European film audiences, a consumer study was carried out for the European Commission in 2013. The results of the study will be presented for the first time in public and the following discussion will provide input for the Commission in preparing policy initiatives within audience development.

The study will be presented by David Graham (Attentional) and Arnaud Dupont (Headway International).

Film scholars Elizabeth Prommer  and Ian Christie,  Sarah Calderon (The Film Agency) Hrvoje Hribar (Croatian Audiovisual Centre) and Claus Noer Hjorth (Danish Film Institute) will discuss audience strategies with you.

The study is dividing the audience into:

Movie addicts (24%): young tech savvy people who watch and like all sorts of films

Movie selectives (22%): well educated middle-aged adults who like European films

Blockbuster lovers (16%): average people mainly going for US films

Hit grazers (21%): young women who will go for a film that “speaks” to them incl. European

Movie indifferents (16%): hard to get them interested in films at all though they watch some commercial films

14.30 – 16.30:  From MEDIA Mundus to Creative Europe

- The international dimension of European support to the film industry.

This is an information session answering questions regarding the integration of MEDIA Mundus in Creative Europe and the new support scheme to co-production funds.

What is the international strategy behind Creative Europe - MEDIA?  

Keynote address will be given by Xavier Troussard, head of Unit, EAC, Creative Europe, MEDIA, followed by a presentation of related subjects:

Achievements of MEDIA Mundus 2011-2013 - The international actions in Creative Europe- MEDIA - The new support to international co-production funds.

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