With a budget of €1.46 billion over the next seven years, the programme will provide a boost for the cultural and creative sectors, which are a major source of jobs and growth.

Creative Europe builds on the experience and success of the Culture and MEDIA programmes, which have supported the cultural and audiovisual sectors for more than 20 years.

Commission welcomes approval of Creative Europe Programme by European Parliament

Creative Europe will support:

  • 250 000 artists and cultural professionals and their work, allowing them to reach new audiences beyond their home countries;
  • More than 800 European films will receive distribution support so that they can be seen by audiences throughout Europe and the world;
  • At least 2 000 European cinemas will benefit from funding, provided that at least 50% of the films they screen are European;
  • More than 4 500 books and other literary works will receive translation support, allowing authors to break into new markets and readers to enjoy them in their mother tongue;
  • Thousands of cultural and audiovisual organisations and professionals will benefit from funding for training to gain new skills and to strengthen their capacity to work internationally.
  • A new financial guarantee facility enabling small cultural and creative businesses to access up to €750 million in bank loans.

The European Capitals of Culture, European Heritage Label, European Heritage Days and the five European prizes (EU MEDIA Prize, EU Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Awards, EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture, EU Prize for Literature, and  European Border Breakers Awards) will also receive support from Creative Europe.

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