Media diaries

More than 400 pupils from nine European countries take part throughout this autumn in the media diaries project, initiated by the European Commission and in close cooperation with the European Parliament Lux Prize, the Cinémathèque Network, and the International sales agent Adriana Chiesa Enterprises.

This first edition takes place thanks to the enthusiasm of our partners and in particular thanks to the commitment of teachers and pupils from the 20 schools involved. Starting in the week of 23 September, the participating pupils, coming from Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Spain and the UK will keep track of their media-usage by filling in an online diary.

They will also be invited to a screening of the film 'Io sono Li' followed by a discussion and some feedback on the film. Thanks to the European Parliament LUX Prize, 2012 winner 'Io sono Li' by Andrea Segre, has been subtitled in 23 languages of the European Union.

For the Commission this project is a great opportunity to learn more about the media usage and the cultural preferences of young people from a similar age group in different locations. Results from the project will be evaluated and published towards the end of the year.