The film "MAGNIFICA PRESENZA" by the Italian director Ferzan Ozpetek, will be released on VOD and in theaters in 4 European countries via the TIDE experiment.

This summer, the film Magnifica Presenza will be simultaneously discovered by the theatrical and VOD audiences from 4 European countries: in France (DistribFilms),on VOD on July 10th and on cinemas July31st, in Austria (Filmladen) on August 23rd and in Ireland & United Kingdom (Peccadillo Pictures) on October 4th. These day-and date and multi-territory releases are carried within the TIDE Experiment's framework, thanks to the MEDIA programme of the European Commission.

This specific distribution model allows the creation ofa common and transversal marketing strategy. Magnifica Presenza’s marketing tools were outlined by the involved distributors.

"At first the thought of coordinating and working collectively with a team from several European territories was quite daunting, but we quickly found that our similarities far outweighed our differences. Participating in The Tide Experiment has been a very worthwhile and enlightening experience for the whole Peccadillo team." (Tom Abell, Director – Peccadillo Pictures).

TIDE is a grouping which gathers various actors of film distribution. In 2013, its main aim is to release 4 films, each in about 5 countries, on day-and-date (simultaneous or quasi-simultaneous release in theaters and in VoD) and with transversal marketing tools.
The TIDE experiment is one of the three projects selected by the European Commission after its call for proposals: Preparatory action ‘Circulation of films in the digital era’.

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