Generation Y - "From idea to screen: hard times for indie movies"
In the new episode of Generation Y, Euronews goes to Lisbon. Meet Salome, a young independent film-maker, and visit with Euronews a Portuguese cinema, member of Europa Cinemas network.

With many countries cutting back on public subsidies, independent cinema is going through tough times. How does a young director make his or her project come true on a small budget?

“You need to use your imagination, whether you turn to crowdfunding, organise a concert or any other kind of fund-raising event. You have to be creative in order to raise money to allow you to be creative,” says young filmmaker Tiago Pereira.

Tiago has created a massive, free, online database containing documentaries on traditional, alternative and forgotten music genres in the Portuguese language – art forms which are largely absent from the mainstream music industry.

Young Portuguese director Salome Lamas’ most recent project is a docu-fiction set in Peru.

Salome is hoping to find production partners abroad – international co-productions are a growing trend. But once the film is completed, there is still a long way to go. It is very difficult to get your film screened in a classic movie theatre. Distributors are not keen to invest in independent films, so festivals play an increasingly important role.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to survive in a highly competitive industry dominated by Hollywood.

‘Europa Cinemas’ is an EU-backed network which promotes the screening of European films abroad. Euronews visited one such cinema in Lisbon, run by film producer Paulo Branco. He says that, while it is important for European movies to get screened in cinemas, what’s really needed is for national television to open up to foreign language films.