The film, about a wealthy, controlling woman who uses her social status to try to save her son from jail after he accidentally kills a child in a road accident, was one of 17 films at the festival supported by the EU's MEDIA programme, which funds development, promotion and distribution of European films outside their country of origin.

"My warmest congratulations go to the director and cast of Poziţia Copilului. Romania has a rich tradition of producing challenging and unforgettable films; this film is in the top drawer and Călin Peter Netzer's success is well-merited. I hope the film enjoys global acclaim," said Commissioner Vassiliou, who is responsible for education, culture, multilingualism and youth.

In a double success for Romania, the 24-year-old actress Ada Condeescu was named among this year's 'Shooting Stars', the top 10 young actors and actresses to watch, at the festival. Three other MEDIA-backed films also received prizes: Layla Fourie  by Pia Marais, a political thriller set in South Africa, received a 'special mention' from the jury.

The Act of Killing  by Joshua Oppenheimer, a documentary based on the 1965 purges in Indonesia, won the Panorma Audience Award and Ecumenical Jury Prize, and Krugovi (Circles) by Srdan Golubović, about a Serbian soldier who risks his life to protect a Muslim civilian during the Bosnian war, was also honoured by the Ecumenical Jury.


Child's Pose by the Romanian director Calin Peter Netzer won this year's Berlinale. MEDIA was the first partner of this project with a support of 45.000 euros in May 2011. Properly developed, this film based on a strong subject, a talented Director and two women as producer: Ada Solomon and Oana Maria Giurgiu, was competiting in Berlin two years after. On the stage, the film's producer, Ada Solomon, said "this award was a victory for women and storytelling" and"Thanks again MEDIA for being the first one to believe in the project"!

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