The first call for project proposals, launched in 2008, resulted in 18 selected projects:

  • 11 projects for continuous training through partnerships with Brazil, Argentina, India, Indonesia, Canada, the Lebanon, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.
  • 6 projects for promotion and distribution of audiovisual works focusing on boosting co-production, which can help companies access foreign funding and new markets. Partners come from Chile, South Korea, Bosnia, Mexico, China…
  • 1 project to support the first international cinema network, coordinated by Europa Cinemas, including 230 cinemas (632 screens) in Europe and 148 screens from 19 countries of the rest of the world.

Press Release: EU film support programme's first global steps trigger interest in Asia and South America


Puentes: Europe - Latin America producers workshop pdf - 44 KB [44 KB]

EAVE (Luxembourg) www.eave.org

Ace - international preparatory action pdf - 85 KB [85 KB]

ACE (France) www.ace-producers.com

Primexchange professional training for independent European and non-European film producers pdf - 59 KB [59 KB]

PrimeHouse (Germany) www.prime-house.de

Leveraging international networks for co-productions & training pdf - 50 KB [50 KB] : developing platforms for co-productions & an EU-India co-production treaty and investigating transcontinental scenarios for documentary distribution
Zelig School for documentaries (Italy) www.zeligfilm.it

Exploring new commercial and creative links between animation pdf - 71 KB [71 KB] professionals from Europe and South America through a better knowledge of their respective animation markets
Cartoon (Belgium) www.cartoon-media.eu

Film business school - Latin America pdf - 55 KB [55 KB] latine (la)

Media Business School (Spain) www.mediaschool.org

International co-production: focus Europe and Canada pdf - 48 KB [48 KB]

EPI (Germany) www.coproduction-training.com

Training to promote audiovisual rights exploitation with the EU and in Latin America pdf - 62 KB [62 KB]

EGEDA (Spain) www.egeda.com

Training for East European film professionals pdf - 51 KB [51 KB]

Romanian Film sector association

Pygmalion international pdf - 44 KB [44 KB]

Pygmalion (UK) www.pygmalionplus.org

Eurodoc international 2009 pdf - 44 KB [44 KB]

Eurodoc International (France) www.eurodoc-net.com


Paris project 2009 pdf - 44 KB [44 KB] ,7th edition Co production platform

Paris Project (France) www.pariscinema.org

Sofia cinelinks Sarajevo pdf - 43 KB [43 KB] , Platforms for co production, distribution and financing

Art Fest (Bulgaria) www.sofiaiff.com

The documentary of the month in Latin America pdf - 46 KB [46 KB]

Parallel 40 (Spain) www.eldocumentaldelmes.com

Cine sin fronteras pdf - 50 KB [50 KB] - Workshops on Marketing European films in Latin America and vice versa

Europa Distribution (France) www.cinesinfronteras.org

EuroCineMed pdf - 50 KB [50 KB] - Promoting the European and the Mediterranean films by increasing their visibility in the Festivals

Europa Cinemas (France) www.europa-cinemas.org


EPC Bilateral Forums pdf - 50 KB [50 KB] - Europe/third-country film promotion and coproduction forums

European Producers Club (France) www.europeanproducersclub.org


Mise en réseau et soutien de salles de cinéma des pays tiers pdf - 45 KB [45 KB] programmant des films européens et de salles de cinéma de l'union européenne programmant des films issus des pays tiers 52 establishments in third countries Europa Cinemas (France) www.europa-cinemas.org