In 2005, the Commission was requested by the European Parliament to launch an initiative on media literacy.

This request was also supported by the audiovisual industry and a number of Member States. As a response to this, the Commission in 2006 created a

Media Literacy Expert Group pdf - 15 KB [15 KB] with an advisory role.

The group was made up of a number European media literacy experts with a mix of different competencIes and backgrounds, including academia, audiovisual and media industry, international organisations (UNESCO, Council of Europe, Alliance of Civilizations), associations, regulators and other media institutions (Film Institutes, Media Councils, etc.).

The group held ten meetings between March 2006 and December 2010. The group played a very important role in developing a European definition of media literacy which was in Commission policy documents like the 2007 Communication and the 2009 Recommendation.

The group was also a forum for the discussion, promotion and exchange of good practices on different aspects of media literacy, but it also proved to be a great opportunity for networking and intellectual enrichment.