Support for TV Broadcasting encourages independent European audiovisual production companies to produce work (fiction, documentaries or animated films) that involves the participation or cooperation of at least three broadcasters from EU Member States. All such works are subject to conditions regarding their minimum length and period of general release.

Key questions:

What is new?

The Guidelines are permanent since 2011 and have not, therefore, undergone any changes regarding eligibility. The only changes that have taken place followed the entry into force of the new Financial Regulation and its Rules of Application foreseen for 01/01/2013. They are detailed in the table at the beginning of the Guidelines.

When should you apply?

The Call for Proposals 33/2012 is open from the date of its publication in the Official Journal until 03/06/2013.

There are two deadlines: 10/12/2012 or 03/06/2013.

The application must be submitted at the latest on the first day of principal photography.

What types of companies can apply?

Independent European production companies legally registered in an EU country or a country participating in the MEDIA 2007 programme. Such companies must be owned, and continue to be owned, either directly or by majority shareholding, by nationals of these countries. These companies must be the majority producer of the presented work.

What type of work is eligible for funding?

Fiction, animation and creative documentaries. All such works are subject to conditions regarding their minimum length and period of general release. Sequels and series of episodes based in whole or in part on a previous project are not eligible for funding. Drama and Animation series based on a first single or pilot episode are eligible for support, even if the first single or pilot episode has already been co-financed by the MEDIA TV Broadcasting support.

How much funding is available?

MEDIA 2007 funding would cover max 12.5% of your eligible production budget (with a maximum amount per work of EUR 500,000 ) for fiction and animation, and max 20% of your eligible budget (with a maximum of EUR 300,000 per work) for documentaries.

What is the total EU budget available for this and when will the selection results be known?

For this call for proposals, the budget is EUR 10.8 million. The selection results are normally available 4 to 5 months after the closing date for applications.

How likely is your company to receive funding?

Eligible applications are given points according to award criteria set out in section 8 of the guidelines. The Commission selects the projects with the most points, up to the limit of its funding budget. The number of projects selected depends on the number of applications received for each call. Generally speaking, however, the budget is big enough for us to select around a third of the eligible applications. Under the last Call for Proposals (23/2011), 147 project applications were received, of which 61 were selected.