The MEDIA Programme provides funding for independent European producers of audiovisual projects with a European dimension, both upstream of the production stage and during production. This section deals with support for single projects for the development of drama, animation and creative documentaries. This project development support is for smaller companies with limited financial capacity, seeking to develop a single project.

Medium-sized companies with previous international experience and sufficient financial capacity to take on several projects at the same time should consider Slate Funding (i.e. for a package of productions).

MEDIA can also help cover the costs of interactive works, guarantees and TV projects involving cooperation between broadcasters.

Key questions:

What's NEW?

The Guidelines are permanent since 2011 and have not, therefore, undergone any changes regarding eligibility. The only changes that have taken place followed the entry into force of the new Financial Regulation and its Rules of Application foreseen for 01/01/2013. They are detailed in the table at the beginning of the Guidelines.

When should you apply?

The Call for Proposals 31/2012 is open from the date of its publication in the Official Journal until 12/04/13. There are two deadlines: 23/11/2012 12:00 CET midday Brussels time and 12/04/2013 12:00 CEST midday Brussels time.

How should you apply?

Applications must be submitted using the e-Form. The online submission is considered to be the master copy. However, 1 paper copy must be sent by registered mail or private courier together with additional annexes that are not attached to the e-Form (see the "check-list of documents to be submitted" included with the information on the Call).

Pay attention: Online applications must be submitted using the e-Form by 23 November 2012 12:00 CET midday Brussels time (for the 1st deadline) and by 12/04/2013 12:00 CEST midday Brussels time (for the 2nd deadline). It is strongly recommended that you not wait until the last minute to apply: the system will not let you submit an application after 12:00 CET/CEST midday Brussels time. The submission confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address immediately after a successful electronic submission.

Who is this funding for?

Single Project support is aimed at independent production companies that have been registered for at least one year, developing dramas, animations or creative documentaries. Companies submitting an application must have produced a previous work, which has been commercially distributed during the two calendar years preceding the publication of the Call for Proposals (1 January 2010) and the date of submission of their application.

Which types of production are eligible for a single project development grant?

Dramas, animations and creative documentaries (works that take a real-life subject as their starting point but require substantial original writing and set out an author's and/or director's point of view). All such works must be of a minimum length and the applicant company must hold the copyright.

How much is a single project grant worth?

The minimum grant is EUR 10,000. The maximum grant is EUR 60,000 except for feature-length animations for theatrical release, for which the maximum is EUR 80,000.

What is the total EU budget for single project grants?

For 2013, the budget allocated to co-financing Single Projects is estimated to be EUR 7.5 million (EUR 3.75 million for the 1st deadline and 3.75 million for the 2nd.

When will the results of the selection procedure be known?

For the 1st deadline (applications sent between the publication of the Call for Proposals and 23/11/12), applicants will be informed of the results during the month of April 2013.
For the 2nd deadline (applications sent between 24/11/12 and 12/04/13), applicants will be informed of the results during the month of September 2013.

How likely are you to receive a grant?

Project applications received by the Agency are ranked by merit at the end of the selection procedure. The best are awarded funding within the limit of the available budget. Under the last Call for Proposals (21/2011), 902 single project applications were received, of which 207 were selected.