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EACEA/31/2012 published in the EU's Official Journal No C300/08 of 05/10/2012

Support for the development of production projects — Animation, creative documentaries and drama — Single Projects.

  • 23/11/2012 12:00 CET midday Brussels time
  • 12/04/2013 12:00 CEST midday Brussels time

Please note that the standard grant agreements/decisions of the Agency are currently under revision due to the entry into force of the new Financial Regulation and its Rules of Application as from 01 January 2013. For this reason they are not yet annexed to the call. The Agency will publish the draft grant agreements/decisions related to this call as soon as possible and, in any event, in due time before the deadline for the submission of proposals. Please note also that the other documents available to you are already in line with the new provisions.


The Agency reserves, however, the right to introduce changes or additional details subject to the adoption of the final text of the Financial Regulation and Rules of Application. In this case the changes will be announced in due time before the deadline of the call.

Eligible Actions

The development activities for the following audiovisual works (one-offs or series) are eligible:


  • drama projects intended for commercial exploitation of no less than 50 minutes,
  • creative documentaries intended for commercial exploitation of no less than 25 minutes (duration per episode in case of series),
  • animation projects intended for commercial exploitation of no less than 24 minutes.


The development and production activities for the following categories of work are ineligible:


  • live recordings, TV games, talk shows, reality shows or educational, teaching and ‘how-to’ programmes,
  • documentaries promoting tourism, ‘making-of’, reports, animal reportages, news programmes and ‘docu- soaps’,
  • projects promoting, directly or indirectly, messages that are at odds with the policies of the European Union. For example, projects that may be contrary to the interests of public health (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), respect for human rights, people's security, freedom of expression, etc.,
  • projects promoting violence and/or racism and/or with a pornographic content,
  • works of a promotional nature,
  • institutional productions to promote a specific organisation or its activities.


The call for proposals 31/12 has two deadlines. To be included in the first deadline, the application for support must be sent to the Agency between the date of the publication of the call for proposals and 23 November 2012. To be included in the second deadline, the application for support must be sent to the Agency between 24 November 2012 and 12 April 2013, the date of closure of the call for proposals.


The maximum duration of the project is until 30 June 2015 for requests for support submitted within the first deadline and until 30 November 2015 for those requests submitted within the second deadline or until the date of entry into production of the project, whichever is the earliest.


These Guidelines explain how to submit a proposal. Please read them carefully before filling in the application form.

Evaluation Guide


The applicant must apply using the e-Form AND in paper form (application package) application package.


Please download the e-Form for Development support.

You need to have Adobe Reader version 8.1.5 or higher installed on your computer in order to be able to download and complete the e-Form. If you do not have it on your computer, download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

- Please read carefully the e-Form Operational User Guide pdf - 235 KB [235 KB] . It contains useful information on how fill in the forms.

- Please read carefully the e-Form Technical User Guide pdf - 889 KB [889 KB] . It contains useful technical information.

Further Assistance

If, after referring to the e-Form Operational/Technical User Guide you still have a question or have encountered a technical problem which could not be solved, please contact the HelpDesk services WELL IN ADVANCE. It is advisable to attach a document with print screens to illustrate the problem showing the time and date.

HelpDesk phone: +32 22 99 07 05
Helpdesk e-mail address:

Other technical information about the e-Form can be found at:

For all other questions related to the e-Form, contact


Budget Form

Call for Proposals

The announcement in all official languages of the EU was published in the EU's Official Journal No C300/08 of 5 October 2012

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Application Pack

Single Projects - Application Pack zip - 5 MB [5 MB]


This zip file contains the Call for Proposals (in English), the Guidelines and Evaluation Guide, the Application Forms, and the Key Contract Documents.

Do not forget to download the e-Form from here