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EACEA/34/2012 published in the EU's Official Journal No C324 of 25/10/2012

i2i Audiovisual

  • 7/01/2013
  • 7/06/2013

Please note that the standard grant agreements/decisions of the Agency are currently under revision due to the entry into force of the new Financial Regulation and its Rules of Application as from 01 January 2013. For this reason they are not yet annexed to the call. The Agency will publish the draft grant agreements/decisions related to this call as soon as possible and, in any event, in due time before the deadline for the submission of proposals. Please note also that the other documents available to you are already in line with the new provisions.

The Agency reserves, however, the right to introduce changes or additional details subject to the adoption of the final text of the Financial Regulation and Rules of Application. In this case the changes will be announced in due time before the deadline of the call.

Eligible actions

i2i Audiovisual funding addresses European independent production SMEs and supports the side costs of finance, insurance and completion guarantees required by credit or financial institutions against the risks associated with the (co) production of audiovisual works. Access to Finance is facilitated through a modular support of production-related financial costs for the following categories:

 - Module 1: Insurance policy premiums covering all the phases of the submitted (co)production (pre-production, production, E&O and post-production).

- Module 2: Completion Guarantee fees based on the production budget and associated risks to the projects' completion.

- Module 3: Financial costs linked to private financing and relevant credits agreements (loans) for the submitted (co)production.

The maximum duration of the projects is 30 months.

This Call for Proposals concerns projects that start between 1 July 2012 and 7 June 2013.

The audiovisual work(s) submitted must be European (co)production(s), involving the bilateral or multilateral collaboration of European independent audiovisual SMEs registered in one of the countries participating in the MEDIA 2007 Programme: The submitted projects requesting support for i2i Audiovisual funding must present significant participation of professionals who are nationals/residents of countries participating in the MEDIA programme.

The European (co)production(s) could be one-offs or series intended for theatrical or TV release.

The eligible categories of (co)productions are the following:

  • Drama with a minimum duration of 50 minutes;
  • Creative documentaries with a minimum duration of 25 minutes;
  • Animation with a minimum duration of 24 minutes.


These guidelines explain how to submit a proposal. Please read them carefully before filling in the application form.

Application Form

Financial Forecasts Form

Deadline of 7 January 2013

Deadline of 7 June 2013

Call for Proposals

The announcement in all official languages of the EU was published in the EU's Official Journal No C324 of 25 October 2012.

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