EACEA 08/2012 published in the EU's Official Journal No C 203 of 11/04/2012

Support for the transnational distribution of European films - Support to the international Sales Agents of European Cinematographic films.

  • 18/06/2012 (generation)
  • 1/03/2014 (reinvestment)

Eligible actions

The ‘Sales agent’ support scheme works in two phases:

  • generation of a potential Fund, which will be calculated according to the performance of the company on the European market during the reference period (2007-2011),
  • reinvestment of the potential Fund thus generated by each company; the Fund must be reinvested in two modules (two types of action) by 1 March 2014:
    1. minimum guarantees or advances paid for the international sales rights on new European non- national films;
    2. and/or in the promotion, marketing and advertising on the market of new non-national European films.

For the film to be eligible its first copyright must not have been established before 2007.


Budget Form

Call for Proposals

The announcement in all official languages of the EU was published in Official Journal No C 103 of April 11, 2012

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Application Pack

This zip file contains the Call for Proposals (in English), the Guidelines, the Application and Reinvestment Forms, the Budget Form and the Companies Form.