The Automatic Support scheme aims to encourage European distributors to invest in the co-production and distribution of films from other European countries. The amount of support is generated by the previous year's receipts from recent non-national European films; it must be reinvested in the co-production or distribution (minimum distribution guarantee or release costs) of films from other European countries.

The Automatic Support Entry Declarations database contains the declarations of the applicants for support detailing the company name, film name, release date and the number of paying admissions declared since 1996.

You are eligible for support if you are a European distributor who has already distributed at least one European work from another country.

N.B. The guidelines are valid for the calls for proposals published in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

The calls for proposals to which these guidelines refer are published annually.

Each call for proposals indicates the budget earmarked for the year, the timetable for the submission of projects and the period of eligibility of costs.