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Call for Proposals 2012 published in the EU's Official Journal No C 93 of 30/03/2012

Preparatory Action ‘Circulation of films in the digital era’.

  • 6/12/2012

Eligible actions:

The preparatory action will support projects designed to test the simultaneous (or virtually simultaneous) release of films across all media and in several European territories.

The projects — which will be restricted to European cinematographic works and to the distribution thereof within the EU Member States — must cover a significant number of films and territories.

This size-related parameter is essential if meaningful lessons are to be drawn from the preparatory action and if the latter is to be established as an aid to decision-makers within the public authorities and the European film industry.

Hence projects must also include the organisation — at the end of the action — of a public meeting at which the main results of the investigations carried out and the lessons drawn from them will be presented to film workers and public authorities.

Annual Work Programme


Application Form

Budget Form

Key Contract Documents

Call for Proposals

The announcement in all official languages of the EU was published in published in the EU's Official Journal No C 93 of 30 March 2012.

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Application Pack

The following zip file contains the Call for Proposals (in English), the Guidelines, the Application form, the Budget Form and the General Conditions.