As cinemas are being increasingly digitised, digital distribution also covers theatrical distribution. The MEDIA 2007 Programme provides support under its various schemes in order to facilitate this effort:

Preparatory action on circulation of European works

On 26 October 2011, the European Parliament adopted a budget of EUR 2 million for a first year of the Preparatory Action "Circulation of European films in the digital era". The aim of this action is to test the possible beneficial impact on a film's transnational circulation and global audience of simultaneous or quasi-simultaneous release on distribution platforms and in a number of territories. This action pursues three complementary and inseparable objectives:

  • improving conditions for the circulation of European films within the European Union;
  • increasing and expanding the global audience for European films;
  • informing market players and decision makers of changes likely to improve complementarity between distribution platforms

The Commission published a call for proposals (EAC S05/2012) in the Official Journal on 30 March 2012 with a closing date for applications of 6 September 2012.

List of selected projects pdf - 22 KB [22 KB]