There have been a number of policy initiatives and key documents adopted to support the development of European cinema in the digital era.

In 2010 the Commission adopted a Communication on challenges and opportunities in the digital era. This was designed to ensure that the process of digitisation of cinemas covers all types of cinemas, especially art house cinemas, throughout Europe and is favourable to the circulation and overall audience of European films.

Commission communication of 2010 pdf - 65 KB [65 KB]

On 18 November 2010 the Council adopted Conclusions on the opportunities and challenges for European cinema in the digital era.

Furthermore, the Committee of the Regions adopted its Opinion on European cinema in the digital era (Document 2011/C 104/07of 2nd April 2011) and the European Economic and Social Committee its Opinion on European Digital Cinema (Document CESE 1005/2010 - TEN/439 of 15 June 2011).

On 19 October 2011 the European Parliament adopted its Report on European cinema in the digital era.

In July 2011, the Commission adopted a Green paper on online distribution of audiovisual works for the purpose of ensuring that the EU copyright rules remain adapted to technological and market developments and especially to the new forms of online distribution enabled by digital technology and internet.

A public consultation on this document was launched at the end of November 2011.

The MEDIA 2007 Programme provides support under various schemes to facilitate this effort.