The Tallinn Black Nights Festival (POFF) is a multifaceted festival consisting of different equally important programmes in various formats, genres, lengths and techniques. It aims to present a comprehensive selection of world cinema in all its diversity with the emphasis on European films. during its 15th edition POFF screened more than 500 films (including 260 full length), bringing over 666 screenings to over 70,000 people. In 2012 the festival will celebrate 100 years of Estonian Cinema.

PÖFF includes three international competitive programmes (international competition EurAsia, Tridens Baltic Nordic feature film competition, and North-American indie films) and a non-competition programme with documentaries and feature films as well as a programme for short films. In addition, there is an animation film festival, Animated Dreams, with an international competition of short animations alongside non-competitive programmes, filmmaker retrospectives and country focuses; and a Children and Youth Film festival, Just Film, that is the biggest children and
youth film festival in the region.

A key success factor of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (POFF) is to provide a comprehensive overview of the best of recent world cinema in recent years, gradually growing and educating the audiences over the years. The sub-festivals have developed and grown together with their audiences with separate event identities.

At local level, the NGO Black Nights Film Festival organises film events and smaller festivals throughout the year, including a weekly documentary programme, a Horror and Fantasy Film Festival HOFF (in April in Haapsalu), the Love Film festival (in August in Tartu). POFF also constantly co-operates with cinemas and film events, and with other fields of culture, e.g. book fairs and concerts.