This event is part of the TorinoFilmLab, a year-round laboratory which, through training, development and funding activities, supports international emerging talents working on their first and second feature films.

The TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event consists of three days of:

  • morning pitches of finished Script&Pitch, FrameWork, and AdaptLab film projects to invited decisionmakers (around 120 industry professionals);
  • afternoon one-to-one meetings between project proposers and invited decisionmakers; these are pre-scheduled or arranged after the pitching;
  • informal networking and acquaintance building at evening social events on transmedia and digital distribution, and at screening of previous TFL-produced films.

All decisionmakers vote for the Audience Award (EUR 30,000 for the best FrameWork project) and six Development Awards (possibility for projects to access FrameWork the next year). After reading all scripts, bio-filmographies, budget plans etc., the TFL Jury meets twice and meets with all FrameWork teams before assessment and Award (around EUR 55,000 to be awarded for production).

The wrap-up of the event includes finalising contracts with Award winners.