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Promoting reading in the digital environment

October, 2016


This report by EU Member States' experts explores how to promote reading in the digital environment, to encourage access and development. It also maps the regulatory framework with particular reference to licensing practices, cross-border services and e-lending by public libraries. It includes 16 case studies from across the EU, and a number of recommendations to policymakers and stakeholders.

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Feasibility study on data collection and analysis in the cultural and creative sectors in the EU

September, 2015


This study, which is planned for in the legal basis of the Creative Europe programme, complements the ongoing work on culture statistics conducted at EU level by Eurostat, by exploring the data available from 'alternative' sources including administrative registers, professional associations and rights management bodies, business registers, 'big data' from the internet and cultural observatories. It suggests possible scenarios to use data from these alternative sources in order to unveil the value of the cultural and creative sectors in full and their contribution to the European creative economy and knowledge society.

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