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The real stories that change peoples' mind  - how culture is making a genuine impact

Every year thousands of Europeans, young and old, amateurs and professionals, join partnership to share experiences of what it means to live together in a multicultural Europe and to work towards making that an inclusive, diverse and culturally vibrant space.

Since the start of the current Culture Programme organisations across all of Europe have been involved in projects which used expressions of art, music and song, drama and theatre, cultural heritage and preservation, literature and reading, architecture and design to exchange ideas, boost civil participation and build and enhance competence.

But what is it like to participate in a European culture project? What is the real experience on the ground?

The aim of these pages is to provide an overview of the activities over the last years of each of the 35 countries participating in the programme and invite you to learn more about the people behind the projects.

Every year the European Commission organises the Culture in Motion Conference, an event which highlights and disseminates the results of previously funded projects. Numerous projects are selected to be presented as good practice examples at the event and in an accompanying brochure.

The projects presented here have all been part of the previous conferences. This is only a very partial snapshot of the vast array of work undertaken on the ground by cultural operators under the Culture Programme.

In 2009 alone 749 applications were submitted of which 256 were selected for an amount of 43 million EUR. You can read more about them in the link provided below. Art moves and involves; grips and engages in a multitude of ways.

We invite you to read and learn more about the stories from your own country.

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Use the Culture Contact Point in your country to learn more about what's happening in your neighbourhood.
The Culture Programme supports many hundred projects every year. You can read more about them