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European Culture Forum 2011

The European Culture Forum attracted over 800 participants from all over Europe and the world, to the Flagey Art Centre in Brussels on 20th-21st October.

Stakeholders from diverse areas of the cultural sector gathered together to exchange their thoughts on the most pressing issues facing culture today, including digitisation, skills for culture in a globalised world, regional investment in culture, role of culture and the EU's external relations in democratic processes.

Policy-makers and experts from a range of cultural fields were invited to speak, and participants were able to make their views heard in the Q&A sessions.

In addition, the smaller, more intimate information sessions allowed participants with an interest in specific topics to ask detailed questions on issues such as the European Creative Industries Alliance and the future Creative Europe programme, to name just a few.

The debates successfully showcased the diversity of the cultural sector and what it has to offer to society, especially in the current economic climate; many voiced the urgent need for culture to be placed at the heart of the political agenda.

- The Programme pdf - 296 KB [296 KB]

- Issue Papers pdf - 160 KB [160 KB]

- The biographies of speakers pdf - 303 KB [303 KB]



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The Panels

Panel 1 pdf - 18 KB [18 KB] : Digitisation – How to fully exploit opportunities?

Panel 2 pdf - 21 KB [21 KB] : Which skills for culture in a globalised and digitised world?

Panel 3 pdf - 23 KB [23 KB] : Culture – a smart investment for European regions?

Panel 4 pdf - 98 KB [98 KB] : Civil society empowerment in third countries: are cultural actors bringing powerful voices to the support of democratization processes?