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EU-Brazil Seminar on Culture and Sustainable Development, Brasilia, 21-22 May

On 21-22 May, EU and Brazilian experts, decision-makers and cultural professionals met in Brasilia to discuss the role of culture as a catalyst for global governance and development.


The event consisted in three discussion tables, which will consider the contribution of culture to the three axes of sustainable development:

  • social,
  • economic
  • and environmental development.

These tables gathered experts from the European Union and Brazil, with recognized experience in the academic field, in public administration or in cultural production. At the closing session, there was a moment to reflect on the relevance of culture as a fourth pillar of sustainable development, and on how cultural cooperation between the EU and Brazil can strengthen the role of culture in global governance.

The seminar aims at promoting the exchange of initiatives and actions taken by the EU and Brazil in favour of the diversity of cultural expressions and to strengthen the role of culture as a catalyst for global governance.

This seminar was organized in the context of the EU-Brazil sector dialogue on culture, which is based on the EU-Brazil Joint Programme on Culture (2011-2014). The event was also part of the programme of the 2013 Europe Week in Brazil, a series of seminars, cultural activities and sports events to celebrate Europe Day.