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The link between research and culture

Are you a researcher in the field of culture? Your project may be eligible for support under the 7th Framework Programme? Visit the links below to learn more.
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Cooperation Programme

All types of research activities carried out by different research bodies in trans-national cooperation and aims to gain or consolidate leadership in key scientific and technology areas (eight different themes)

Information and Communication Technologies (Theme 1)

Culture projects which made the cut:

"Digital cultural heritage network - ERA-NET supporting cooperation for research infrastructure in the digital cultural heritage field"

" coordination action on digital library interoperability, best practices, and modeling foundations"

Socio-economic sciences and humanities (Theme 8)

Culture projects which made the cut:

"Art festivals and the European public culture"

"European national museums: Identity politics, the uses of the past and the European citizen"

Environment (Theme 6)

Here is one such project which made it:

"Climate for Culture"

This project was awarded the  European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage - Europa Nostra Awards in 2009, as the NOAH'S ARK project.

Ideas Programme

Projects headed by young and established researchers, irrespective of their origins, who are working in Europe - the sole criterion for selection is excellence.

Grants for culturally linked projects:

"Cultural Heritage of Christian Ethiopia: Salvation, Preservation and Research"

"An Iconology of the Textile in Art and Architecture"
Tristan Weddigen, Universität Zürich, CH

People Programme

The Marie Curie Actions make up 95% of the People Programme

Capacities Programme

Enhancing research and innovation capacities throughout Europe (8 themes)

Science in society (Theme 5)

Here is a culturally linked project which received support:

"Hulda Festival, a Journey into Art and Science"

The 7th Framework Programme also support small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), which either perform their own research or outsource it. Read more about the actions in the links below:

Research-performing SMEs: those who have the ability to conduct research in-house.

Research-acquiring SMEs: those who need to outsource their research to a university or research centre, who will perform the research on their behalf.