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For Culture Managers

Why you might be interested

Do you work with culture, in contemporary arts or with cultural heritage?

Have you already developed or are you interested in developing projects of high quality that can contribute to the growth of the cultural and creative sector?

Do you think that your activities can have real impacts on the economy and social conditions in your city or region?

Your activities might create jobs directly, attract tourists or have other effects on local businesses. They might develop skills and competences, help disadvantaged groups or promote social inclusion or they might make a particular contribution to improving the quality of life in your region.

If so, you may be interested in exploring the possibilities of support for a project from the EU’s Structural Funds.

Our goal here is to help you:

  1. Learn more about what culture can do for regional development

  2. Find out how European Cohesion policy works and understand its logic and objectives

  3. Establish the main funding sources available

  4. Indentify whom to contact in your region or country and at a European level

  5. Learn what others have done and access examples of successful initiatives

  6. Get tips about how to prepare a successful project proposal


Culture-based interventions for local & regional development