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The contribution of Culture to Local and Regional Development

Practical information site


This ‘Practical Information Site’ is based on the ‘Study on the Contribution of Culture to Local and Regional Development - Evidence from the Structural Funds’ and is addressed to anyone engaged in cultural activities or in local and regional development policies.

The site makes use of culture-based initiatives financed through the Structural Funds over the last ten years, to provide practical information about what can be achieved for EU regions through culture.

It provides orientation for those who wish to know more about culture-based development or wish to make use of support from the EU’s Structural Funds.


The information is made available for three reasons


Information is provided about the possibilities for support for culture-based development under the Structural Funds for the period 2007-2013.

There are brief summary descriptions of what culture can do for regional development and access to more detailed information and concrete examples of successful initiatives.

The site also offers some suggestions on how a sound culture-based development strategy can be developed.


The site is addressed to two distinct audiences and may be accessed from two different entry points, which allow for differing perspectives on similar issues.

The core material is, however, common to both groups.

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