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EARS (Europe Asia Roundtable Sessions) ON SHANGHAI

FROM 31/10/2012 TO 02/11/2012

Location: Shanghai, China
Main organiser(s):
Pluto Finland
Partners EU:ACE Productions, Newly Drawn, No Roads, FAVEX, Finnish Museum of Architecture, Music Finland, Dance Info Finland
Partners China: CGF Shanghai

EARS (Europe Asia Roundtable Sessions) on Shanghai is an independent European culture producers and managers forum which took place during Radical Design Week at Shanghai's Daning Theatre.

EARS, short for Europe Asia Roundtable Sessions, is an event series for creative industry professionals from Europe and Asia and a forum for the collaboration between them. The first installment of the series, EARS on Film, will take place during the 25th Helsinki International Film Festival in September 2012. Another event part of the series is EARS on Dance during the ICE HOT - Nordic Dance Platform in Helsinki December 2012. More EARS events will be announced soon.

EARS on Shanghai is an independent European culture producers and managers forum that takes place during Radical Design Week, from 31st of October to 2nd of November 2012 at Shanghai's Daning Theatre.

There's a multitude of European culture producers from different fields of creative industries living in the major cities of China. Event producers, film producers, curators, music managers.. etc. This group of professionals has in-depth knowledge about the Chinese market place, extensive local networks and a lot of experience in working between EU and China within the creative industries field. But as they're located in China, it makes them often detached from the institutions and organizations back in their native countries and Europe.

EARS on Shanghai will gather independent European culture producers and managers forum with experience on working between EU and China and offers them a channel for direct communication with European institutions and to facilitate policy and trade development. In addition to Europeans working in China the programme also includes Chinese companies operating especially with Europe. From China's perspective, the internationalization and development of China's creative industries is led by the private sector. The stars of Chinese creative industry are in most cases internationally well connected independents or entrepreneurs. EU-China culture producers and managers forum will gather also these Chinese professionals with already strong links to Europe and offer them direct channel to communicate with cultural institutions and operators in Europe.