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Moon above the roofs: Lives between China and Europe

FROM 31/05/2012 TO 31/05/2012

Location: Riga, Latvia

Main organizer(s): University of Latvia, Baltic Research Center for East Asian Studies (AsiaRes)
Partners EU: Tallinn University, Confucius Institute; Riga University, Confucius Institute
Partners China:

There are pedestrian zones in cities all over the world, but walking in a pedestrian zone in Guangzhou, for instance, gives you a different feeling than walking in the shopping lanes of Helsinki. Also in a globalized economy traditional markets seem to attract local people. By day-light Riga’s Central Market gives a splendid example of regional commercial culture in Eastern Europe and so do any of the „night-markets” of Hong Kong, Xiamen or Shanghai contribute to the preservation of traditional life-rhythms in Southern China. In an abstract sense, change and continuity are common experiences of daily life for those living in Europe or in China; however, experience is based on individual lives and life-stories. 2012 had been announced the year of EU-China intercultural dialogue by the European Commission and the People’s Republic of China. This is an occasion for Latvia and other countries in the Baltic and Nordic region to highlight intercultural dialogue with China as a vital part of their own development at present and as history. AsiaRes, the Baltic Research Centre for East Asian Studies at the University of Latvia in cooperation with the Confucius Institutes in Riga and Tallinn invites to an open symposium that will focus on intercultural experiences of individuals who lived or live as expatriates either in China or in the Baltics. Each of the speakers invited to participate on the podium will present his/her ongoing story of professional and personal experience with a culture that has become part of his/her own personality.