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Spotlight: China

FROM 14/11/2012 TO 18/11/2012

Location: Roma, Italy
Main organizer(s): Cinema per Roma Foundation - Rome Film Festival 
Partners EU: Rome Chamber of Trade, Musica per Roma Foundation, Municipality of Rome, Lazio Region, Rome Province, Eurimages 
Partners China: /

The 2012 Rome International Film Festival gave a specific highlight to China and Europe's exchanges in the field of cinematography, and explored way to bring closer the Chinese and European films markets.

Three specific highlights will be dedicated to China during the 2012 Rome International Film Festival.

First, The Business Street (TBS, the International Rome Film Festival specific program devoted to film sale and acquisition operations) will invite three Chinese sales agents, selected from among the most active professionals whose line-up could offer to the European and worldwide buyers gathered in Rome the latest and most exciting Chinese productions. They will benefit of the TBS screening venues, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, in order to present their titles to the participant buyers. These Chinese titles will then benefit from being exposed to the attention of a significant number of European buyers who otherwise might not have frequent chances to meet with Chinese sellers.

At the same time, TBS will invite three Chinese buyers who will have the opportunity to cherry-pick from among a wide selection of titles screened at TBS. These films range from independent European quality cinema to more commercially viable art-house productions. Additionally, the specific “casual” formula of this film market creates a more relaxed and informal atmosphere, and the concentration of venues makes it always possible for the participants to meet up without hectic rushes or tight agendas.

The second feature of SPOTLIGHT: CHINA will be based on the well-proved model of the New Cinema Network. NCN, together with its producers and projects, has already explored different markets with which Europe tends to be less familiar and does not collaborate very often: the UK market thanks to Film London, the American and the English-speaking market thanks to Sundance, the Middle-East thanks to the Screen Institute Beirut. The result is the exchange of ideas and solutions that better fit new markets.

Three Chinese projects will be invited to New Cinema Network to be presented to the European producers attending the co-production market. The projects will be represented by filmmaker and main producer. NCN, in addition to its 70 European producers selected from among the most active ones in Europe and invited to the co-production market, will also select around five European producers who have already expressed interest in exploring the Chinese market in cooperation with its long-term partners members of the EFP.

SPOTLIGHT: CHINA will also invite all its Chinese guests and key representatives of the European industry (producers, directors, buyers, sellers, institutions and experts) to a one-morning round table during NCN and TBS (November 14th-18th) with the aim of exploring and discussing the potential cooperation between the two markets both in terms of co-productions and sales.


November, 14th | 2,30 pm - Auditorium Via Veneto | Via Vittorio Veneto, 89

In order to bridge the gap between filmmaking and financing and support a better knowledge of the economic mechanisms in the framework of the film industry at the international scale, producers around the world keep on exploring new ways of funding their films, while unlocking creative solutions of financing. In an increasingly global economy, there is a powerful and growing need to exchange opinions and reflect on different business approaches and practices around the world, and especially to open the prospects of possible and still untapped synergies.

The Film Financing workshop, organised by The Business Street and New Cinema Network , in collaboration with ANICA (the Italian Film Industry Association), with the support of the Ministry for Economic Development, aims to give the Rome Market attending film professionals the opportunity to discover and focus on the financial strategies, solutions and practices at a global level. Producers, experts and professionals from Asia, United States, South America and Europe will share an open discussion on each specificity and market, while focusing on co-productions, equity and fiscal incentives from all the various perspectives.

Moderator: Mike Goodridge (Protagonist Pictures CEO, former journalist at Screen International)
Confirmed Speakers: CAI Shanjun (film director/producer, China); CHEN Zhi-heng (producer/distributor, China); Diana Elbaum (producer, ‘Entre Chien et Loup’, Belgium); Soledad Gatti Pascual (producer, ‘The Bureau’ UK); Anne Lai (Creative Producing Initiatives Director, Sundance, USA), Petri Kempinenn, (head of production at the Finnish Film Foundation’, Finland). Other panelists are still to be confirmed.


SATURDAY 17th, 11am-1pm Sala Orazio, Hotel Bernini Bristol, Piazza Barberini, 23 The round table between Chinese, Italian and European producers, distributors and authors aims to set up in Rome an intimate and ideal creative “hub” to overcome geographic and linguistic barriers, and explore the new opportunities of international co-operations, co-productions and collaborations between China and Europe, and Italy and the relations between the markets in terms of communication and established co-production agreements.

In the year that celebrates the intercultural dialogue between Europe and China, The Business Street and New Cinema Network, with the support of the MEDIA Programme, have joined forces to create Spotlight: China! The aim of the project is to support the exchange of audiovisual products between the Chinese and European markets in two ways: through the distribution of Chinese films in Europe and European films in China, and by promoting the creative and financial circulation and development of European and Chinese projects.

Spotlight: China!’s main goal is to help create awareness, become familiar with the artists and contribute in maximising the visibility of European and Chinese cinematography by enhancing the exchange of Chinese and European films back and forth, offering an ‘agora’ where ideas and stories make their way to the screen, within the frame of New Cinema Network.

Invited participants (still to be confirmed): Celluloid Dreams (H. Panahi); Co-production Office (P. Bober); Doc and Film Intl. (D. Elstner); The Match Factory (M. Weber); Unlimited Films (P. Avril); CAI Shangjun (director); LI Kudomg (WanJICOM & Prod, producer); Eva Lam (Xstream Pictures, producer); Liu Jian (Director); Wang Lynne (Le-Joy animation); Xu Haofeng (Director); Qing Xiaolin (Union Square Beijing Entertainment); Zhi-Heng Chen (L’est film group, producer, distributor); Victoria Hon (Hairun Pictures); Lily Jiang (Bona Film Group); Xiao Ping (China Film Group Corporation); Shen Hong (Huaxia Film Distrib.); Lana Peng (HuayiBroth. Media corporation); Wen Wen Chen (Lion & Phoenix); Marco Müller (Rome Film Festival Artistic Director), I. Tessaro (Media Program); Rai Trade, Adriana Chiesa Enterprises, Intramovies.