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Culture session of the High Level People-to-People Dialogue: Culture, perceptions and media in EU-China relations

FROM 18/04/2012 TO 18/04/2012

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Main organizer(s): DG Education and Culture, European Commission; Chinese Ministry of Culture
Partners EU: Friends of Europe
Partners China: Mission of the People's Republic of China to the EU

Both Europe and China have potent “soft power” tools they can use to promote their rich cultural heritage and in culture – as in politics and economics – China is becoming an increasingly influential and dynamic global player. Europe has an equally significant cultural outreach but is cultural diplomacy now an integral part of EU foreign policy? Are EU member states working together as efficiently as they should to promote their European cultural interests? Do Chinese and Europeans have sufficient knowledge about each other’s cultures? What are the prevailing cultural stereotypes and misperceptions in EU-China exchanges and how do they impact on other aspects of the relationship? What is the role of traditional and new media in forming and debunking those misperceptions? What strategies can be implemented to improve cultural understanding between the two sides?


Peng Feng, Chair of the Department of Art Theory, History and Criticism at the School of Arts, Beijing University

Catherine Vuylsteke, Foreign News Editor of De Morgen, BelgiumLi Hongyu, Film and Contemporary Art Journalist and Editor of Southern Weekly, China

Christopher Dent, Professor in East Asia's International Political Economy at the University of Leeds

Moderator: Shada Islam, Head of Policy at Friends of Europe