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Call for tender EAC/04/2015 - An updated study on the economy of culture - Creative Value Chains






The study will analyse the value chains in cultural and creative sectors covered by the Creative Europe Programme.

The study should complement work carried out in the framework of ESSnet/ Eurostat on cultural statistics and carry out a qualitative analysis of trends at the heart of the current cultural policy debate and the answers that economic analysis can provide.

The study should propose a methodology and carry out an analysis of the creative value chains for each one of the different cultural and creative sub-sectors, in particular the following: music, film, TV, video games, radio, visual arts, performing arts, books and publishing, design, heritage and architecture, as well as multi-media, artistic crafts and archives.

The study will focus more in detail on the market imperfections exacerbated through the digital shift in the cultural and creative sectors and will examine them for each cultural and creative sub-sector, as well as overall.

The study will try to identify at which points of the value chain an action at EU level could have an impact in order to redress existing imbalances. In the analysis and recommendations of the study, the specific situation of the creators and how to ensure fair remuneration and revenue sharing requires particular attention.

In its analysis, the present study should clearly go beyond the already existing information and avoid mere repetition or updating of already available descriptive information on the different sub-sectors. While being aware of the difficulties of covering the different issues raised above from a methodological or data availability point of view, the study should be ambitious and innovative in its approach and also make use of unconventional data sets.


Responses to questions from potential applicantspdf(120 kB) English (en)


The contract was awarded to a consortium composed of the following organisations:

  • IDEA Strategische Economische Consulting (leader),
  • KEA European Affairs,
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).