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Terms and conditions of participation for the Culture Programme

Two distinctive procedures for the submission of applications

- Online submission of the electronic eForm
- Submission sent by post mail

Strand 1: Support for Cultural actions

Culture (2007-2013) - Call for proposals

  • 1.1Support for cultural actions: multi-annual cooperation projects
    This action, strand 1.1,  seeks to lay down multi-annual, trans-national cultural links by encouraging a  minimum of six cultural operators from at least six eligible countries to  cooperate and work across sectors to develop joint cultural activities over a  period of three to five years

  • 1.2.1Cooperation measures
    This action, strand 1.2.1 concerns actions  shared by at least three cultural operators, working across sectors, from at  least three eligible countries over a maximum period of two years. Actions that  seek to develop long-term co-operation are especially targeted.

  • 1.2.2 Literary Translation - Call for proposals
  • 1.3 Special Actions

    - Union prize scheme in the field of cultural heritage - 2007 Conditional Call
    The preservation and enhancement of the European cultural heritage in all its forms (architectural/archaeological heritage such as buildings, built complexes in rural or urban settings, monuments, movable heritage, archaeological sites, cultural landscapes) is one of the cultural sectors supported by the Culture programme (2007-2013).
    In this context, the European Commission wishes to continue the already established annual EU prize with the aim to give public recognition to exemplary initiatives and best practices by either individuals, local communities or organisations, which contribute, at European level, to the protection, conservation, promotion and development of cultural heritage. Special consideration will be given to initiatives and skills having a symbolic/exemplary and/or an educational or social value.
    With reference to the strand 1.3 of the programme, the purpose of the present conditionnal call is to select a body which will be in entitled to organize, implement and award this EU-prize.

    - Organisation and implementation of an annual European Union Prize for Literature
    Books and literature play an important role in culture, in helping people to learn about themselves and others and in the promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue they greatly contribute to European creativity and to our economic growth.
    The European Commission has recently published a call for proposals to select a body capable of organising the award of a European Union prize for literature.

    - Cooperation Projects with Third countries (lasting up to twenty four months) -  Application package
    The eligible third countries are: Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Moldova, occupied Palestinian Territory and Tunisia.

    Deadline for the
    submission of applications:  01/05/2010

    - Organisation and implementation of a biennial European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture

    - Annual European Union Prize for Contemporary Popular Music: The European Border Breakers Awards

Strand 2: Support for european cultural bodies

Strand 3: Support for analyses and dissemination activities

  • 3.2 Networks: support for evaluation or impact assessment activities in the field of European cultural cooperation and European cultural policy development - Call for proposals,

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    For information only, please find the former calls in the "Archives" section of the site.

Specific Actions