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Creative Europe Programme - Organisation and implementation of an annual European Union Prize for cultural heritage

Call for proposals – EAC/S14/2013

The European Commission is looking for an organisation/consortium capable of organising the European Prize for cultural heritage for the period 2014-2018.

Call for proposals

The call for proposals provides detailed information on the eligibility, selection and award criteria, as well as the financial procedures and the conditions for submitting an application. 

 - - (pdf format)

Summary of the call for proposals available in 22 official languages of the EU:

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Please note that in cases of translation differences, the English version will be used as reference.

Application file

Applicants are requested to read carefully the Call for proposals before completing and submitting their applications. Deadline for submitting application is 21st March 2014

Application forms (Information on the applicant and the project – to be completed)
Application forms Application formsApplication forms(word format)

Annex 1: Economic and financial capacity analysis form  (to be completed)
BudgetBudgetBudget (excel format)

Annex 2: Methodology for assessing the financial capacity of beneficiaries of grants (for information)
(word format)

Annex 3: Budget forms (Information on the Estimate Budget – to be completed)
Application formsApplication formsApplication forms (excel format)

Supporting documents for your application

- Financial identification form (of the account to be used for the project)

Please complete the relevant bank form for your country.

- Legal Entity form  (should be filled in by the applicant(s) involved in the project)
Please insert the relevant legal entity identification form for your country

Additional information

- Ceilings (travel and daily subsistence allowances)   (excel format)

- Models of grant agreements(for information only)

Model Framework partnership agreement (word format):

  • Mono beneficiary Application forms
  • Multi beneficiary Application forms

Model Specific agreement mono/multi beneficiary (word format)

  • Mono beneficiary Application forms
  • Multi beneficiary Application forms