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Support for a pilot project for a European Platform for Festivals in the field of culture

Call for proposals EAC/S07/2013

At the end of 2012, the European Parliament voted a new budget line on the 2013 budget of the European Union dedicated to a pilot project aiming at creating a European platform for festivals. This pilot project will seek to capitalise on the potential of festivals in order to maximise their contribution to various EU policies, including for instance innovation, social inclusion, education and intercultural dialogue. By promoting the visibility of Europe's unique values, the European Platform for festivals will also seek to increase the European dimension of festivals and through them, to reach a large number of citizens across Europe.

One European Platform for Festivals shall be supported under this pilot action.

Call for proposals

The call for proposals provides detailed information on the eligibility, selection and award criteria, as well as the financial procedures and the conditions for submitting an application.


A summary of the call for proposals will soon be available in 22 official languages of the EU. Click on the language version required to view the summary of the call:

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Please note that in cases of translation differences, the English version will be used as reference.

Application file

Applicants are requested to read carefully the Call for proposals before completing and submitting their applications. Deadline for submitting application is 26/06/2013

Application forms (Information on the applicant and the project)

Application forms  -  Application forms   -  Application forms  (word format)

Budget forms (Information on the Estimate Budget)

Budget: Budget  -  Budget  -  Budget(excel format)

Annexes: Annexes  -  Annexes  -  Annexes  (excel format)

Supporting documents for your application

- Financial identification form
Please complete the relevant bank form for your country.

- Legal Entity form (should be filled in by the applicant involved in the project):
Please insert the relevant legal entity identification form for your country

Additional information

- Model of grant agreement (for information only) 

- Model Expenditure verification form (part 1 & 2)    Part 1      Part 2 (word format)

- Ceilings (travel and subsistence costs)    (excel format)