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31 projects combining the areas of culture, education and training and new technologies selected in the framework of Connect

Brussels, 2 December 1999

The European Commission has selected 31 projects from the 243 applications received in the framework of the call for applications (OJ C163, 10 June 1999) under the new Connect action. This action supports projects combining culture, education and training particularly in connection with research and new technologies. Those projects will receive an amount of 7,038 meuro.

These projects involve 140 cultural operators from throughout the EU Member States, who will participate fully in the selected projects. The chosen projects have been selected on the basis of the opinion of independent experts covering a wide range of cultural disciplines. They are concerning particularly performing arts, cultural heritage and visual arts. Community funding for the projects selected should amount to approximately 60% of the total budget.

The Connect call for applications was based on two actions.

Action A - culture and education : are designed and managed by culture professionals, with an educational approach which will appeal to young people - even children - and will get them interested in all aspects of culture.

From the 136 applications for support received under this action, 18 projects have been selected to receive a total of 4,287 meuro of support.

Action B - culture and training/continuing education :this is aimed at organisations active in the fields of culture and the arts and concerns projects involving training and continuing education using innovative educational techniques for creative artists, performers and other culture professionals. The use of new technologies is desirable. The training should focus on getting young people started in their careers.

From the 107 applications for support under this action, 13 projects have been selected to receive a total of 2,751 meuro of support.

These allocations of support will be granted on the basis that the relevant financial and administrative procedures are successfully completed and do not, at this stage, represent a legal commitment on the part of the Commission.

For further information on selected projects : Mr Antonios Kosmopoulos DG EAC
Fax : +32 2 296 6974
Contact : Christophe Forax 295.69.64
Patricia O'Connor 299.05.01

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