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Issue 15
October/November 2003
Monthly newsletter of the programme

Culture 2000 is aimed at culture professionals from the European Union and 15 associate countries. It was established to encourage cooperation between artists, promoters and other partners in the field of culture. Its objectives are to highlight cultural identity and diversity in Europe and to promote the dissemination of works.
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European Festival of Modern Dance, "TanzTheater", St Petersburg

From 10 September until 9 November 2003, St. Petersburg is hosting the European Festival of Modern Dance, "TanzTheater Europa", organised by the Goethe Institut (Germany) in collaboration with the Baltic House Theatre (Russia), with co-organisers from Austria, Finland and the Netherlands and partners from numerous European countries.

The Festival will give the people of St. Petersburg, for whom the normal fare is classical ballet, the chance to discover the most innovative forms and languages of contemporary choreography, as well as the enormous diversity of the European cultural scene. Twenty two dance companies - from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom - will be attending. Numerous choreographers have been invited, including Tero Saarinen, Anouk van Dijk, Sasha Walz, Jan Fabre, Pedro Peuwels and Mischa Van Hoecke.

The Festival has received cofinancing from the European Union under the Culture 2000 programme (action 1), which allows financial support for actions in non-EU countries.

Projets soutenus

- Teatro Figura Europa

This three-year project (April 2003 - April 2006) features numerous activities centring around puppet theatre, including the creation of a panel of professionals charged with discovering new talent, the hosting by each of the partners of shows performed by young companies chosen by the project selection committee under the label "Teatro Figura Europa", research into the world of puppetry, the production of puppet shows involving each of the partners and artistes from other countries, workshops to train students and young puppeteers, circulation of an online newsletter, etc.

This project, supported by Culture 2000 under action 2 (multiannual cultural cooperation agreements) is led by the Italian cooperative Arrivano dal Mare, which is working with Austrian, Belgian, French and Polish partners.

- International platform for contemporary theatre

This international platform, supported by Culture 2000 under action 2, puts translators at the hub of a process of exchange and circulation of playscripts.

The process began with translators in four of the partner countries - Finland, France, Germany and the United Kingdom - each proposing two contemporary playscripts from their "national" repertoire to their foreign colleagues. These were then translated into the other three languages in translation workshops.

The eight translated playscripts were then given public readings, after which four of the plays (one from each country) were performed on stage in the country of translation and then presented in their country of origin. To round off the exercise, anthologies of the translated plays are going to be published.

This two-year project (2001-2003) is led by the "Zentrum BRD des Internationalen Theaterinstituts" (Germany), with partners from Finland, France, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

Are you a participant in a project funded by Culture 2000? If so, we'd like to hear from you (feedback, dates, etc.)! Contact us...


Culture 2000

- Extension of the framework programme "Culture 2000" (continued)

At its plenary meeting on 9 October the Committee of the Regions adopted a favourable opinion concerning the extension of the Culture 2000 programme. The Committee accompanied its opinion with several recommendations for the new programme, slated to commence on 1 January 2007. The European Parliament could state its position on the text at its plenary session in December.

- Public consultation "Designing the future programme of cultural cooperation in the European Union".

The Commission received some 250 contributions when it ran its public consultation (from 14 April to 10 July) on the future of the culture programme. We invite you to read the summary of the responses to a number of fundamental questions asked, in particular concerning the role of the European Union in the field of culture and the types of action to be supported.

News about Culture 2000

- Europe : about cultures and peoples

The Magazine, a periodical of the Directorate-General for Education and Culture, takes you on a journey through cultural Europe in a special issue devoted to cultural cooperation in Europe. Happy reading!

- Organisations of European cultural interest

The European institutions continue to work towards the adoption of a Decision establishing a programme of Community action to promote organisations active at European level in the area of culture. The European Parliament is expected to give its opinion on this text at its plenary session in November.

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