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Useful information: 2006 Call

Call for Proposals 39/05 (Call 2006) – Selected Projects

On 11 th July 2006, the European Commission decided to propose a grant within the framework of Culture 2000 Programme to the following projects:
- Action 1
- Action 2
Note that there is not, at this stage, any legal commitment on the part of the “Education, Audiovisual and Culture” Executive Agency. Such a commitment is only created upon signature of a Grant Agreement by the leader organisation and the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

The specifications (technical explanations) for the year 2006 give the priorities for the programme for 2006, the eligibility criteria, the financial procedures and the conditions for submitting an application. Click on the language version required to view the Specifications :
DE - EN - FR (word format)

A Call for Proposal in all the 20 official languages of the EU can be found in OJ C172 12.07.2005.
Click on the language version required to view the Call:

ES - CS - DA - DE - ET - EL - EN - FR - IT - LV - LT - HU - MT - NL - PL - PT - SK - SL - FI - SV (pdf format)

For additional information contact the Cultural Contact Points in your country (word format)
We would point out that the selection procedure is long and lasts several months. It guarantees the transparency of the Community action and provides the stringency needed to ensure that public funds are used appropriately.
Our newsletter will inform you of its progress every month.

As costs  only  incurred by the project leader and co-organisers are eligible ,  and not those of associated partners , please note the following correction to the English, French and German versions of the specifications (technical explanations) for the year 2006  concerning point 9.5, eligible costs:
Pg. 2 2, paragraph 6:
- costs entailed by other contracts awarded by the beneficiaries  for the purposes of carrying out the action/ project, provided that the conditions laid down in the Article II.9 of the agreement are met; (...) 
S. 24 , Abs. 5:
- Kosten aus Aufträgen, die der Empfänger für die Zwecke der Durchführung der Maßnahme/des Projekts vergeben, soweit die Bedingungen unter Artikel II.9 der Vereinbarung eingehalten werden. (...)
p. 23 , para. 2:
- coûts découlant d’autres contrats passés par les bénéficiaires  pour les besoins de la réalisation de l’action/projet, pour autant que les conditions prévues à l’article II, paragraphe 9, de la convention soient respectées; (...) 

· Explanatory Notes
- Explanatory Note on the participation of Turkey
On 3 January 2006 Turkish authorities informed the European Commission that the Memorandum of understanding  on the participation of Turkey in the Culture 2000 Programme  was approved by the Turkish Council of Ministers (decision no.2005/9775) and that this decision was published in the Turkish Official Journal dated 26 December 2005. As a consequence, projects presented by Turkish cultural operators in the framework of the call for proposals DG EAC no 39/05 shall be considered as eligible for possible funding in the course of the selection process for projects.

- Explanatory Note on the participation of Croatia
Negotiations regarding the conclusion of a MoU with Croatia are due to start soon, so that this country may become a participant of the new programme Culture 2007 in 2007.

- Explanatory note on the notion of "Civil Servants"
This notion has to be considered in a broad sense. It refers to all individuals working for a public body, as defined in the 2006 specifications.

- Explanatory Note on the languages
In order not to delay the publication of the Culture 2000 Call for Proposals 2006 and the Specifications the Commission decided that a short Call for Proposals would be published in the 20 official EU languages in the Official Journal and that the specifications (technical explanations) would be published on the Europa website in three language versions: German, English and French.
The application and the supporting documents may be submitted in any one of the 20 official EU languages. However, in order to accelerate the procedure, applicants are invited to send their applications in one of the three languages in which the specifications are published: English, French, German.

The Cultural Contact Point in your country should be contacted for further information concerning all questions about the specifications.

· Documents to read closely
- Culture 2000 Programme - Presentation of the application's budget and interim/final report (pps format)
- List of invoices for the interim/final report (excel format)
- Useful information for applicants concerning budget planning (pdf format)
- The Decision establishing the framework programme (pdf format) gives the objectives of the programme, the actions, the duration, the budget and the measures concerning the implementation of the programme.
The programme was extended for two further years until 31st December 2006 with Decision of the European Parliament and the Council.
- The daily allowance rates accepted by the Commission for staff on mission. (xls format)

· Model grant agreements
- Annual projects
Action 1 - Grant agreement (word format) (pdf format)
- Multiannual projects
Action 2 - Grant agreement (word format) (pdf format)
- Translation Projects
Grant Agreement (word format) (pdf format)