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EU grant recipients and contractors

Find out who the Commission has awarded grants to, and who has won Commission contracts through public procurement procedures.

Want to know which organisations and companies have received money from the EU budget? The Financial Transparency System will tell who the Commission has made payments to.

The financial transparency system contains details of grant recipients and contractors who have been paid by the Commission directly - accounting for around 20% of the EU budget and typically in policy areas such as:

  • research
  • education and training
  • transport and energy.

As of 2009, the financial transparency system also covers contractors who provide the Commission with day-to-day supplies of goods and services and other administrative expenditure of the Commission, excluding staff costs.

A specific search engine has been set up to give access to the details of beneficiaries in the field of external aid and managed by EuropAid. A separate database is available for beneficiaries in the field of humanitarian aid.

For grant recipients and contractors receiving EU funds via national and regional authorities (accounting for 80% of the EU budget) such information can be retrieved in the related sites:

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