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EU contractors and beneficiaries of funding from the EU budget

Find out who has:

  • won tenders and concluded contracts with the EU
  • been awarded EU grants
  • received aid from the EU budget or the European Development Fund.

The European Commission has overall responsibility for implementing the EU budget, but is not directly responsible for managing all EU funds. Decisions about final beneficiaries and actual transfers of money to them can be taken by other bodies.

About 80% of the EU budget is managed by national governments in EU countries. This is called shared management. Under indirect management, on the other hand, the Commission delegates managing the EU budget to partners such as:

  • decentralised agencies
  • joint undertakings
  • national agencies
  • specialised EU bodies
  • international organisations
  • non-EU countries.

Sources of information on contractors and beneficiaries of EU funding differ, depending on whether management is shared or indirect. For full details of the amount received by a single beneficiary from the EU budget or the European Development Fund in a given year, you will need to search all the databases referred to below.

Direct management

The Financial Transparency System (FTS) provides information on the beneficiaries of funds directly managed by the Commission between 2007 and 2013. Beneficiaries of the European Development Fund between 2010 and 2013 are also listed.

Data for a given financial year are uploaded into FTS at the end of June of the following year. By 30 June 2014, over 288 000 items had been recorded, totalling nearly €136 bn. The following are excluded from publication:

  • public procurement contracts worth under €15 000
  • information about EU staff
  • some confidential items.

FTS allows advanced searches to be made in the database by year, country, name of recipient, VAT number, programme name or the Commission department responsible.

Shared management by EU countries

Around 80% of the EU budget is managed by national governments or regional managing authorities. Each EU country is responsible for publishing data on the beneficiaries of the funds it administers.

These data are published on national websites and, depending on the area of implementation, on the following websites:

For details of beneficiaries under shared management in a given EU country, click on the map below.

What projects in your region receive EU funding from one of the EU's 5 structural and investment funds?

This map provides links to websites managed by EU countries, which bear sole responsibility for their content.

Indirect management

A smaller share of the EU budget is managed by various EU partners which are responsible for publishing information on final beneficiaries. You will find these data on the websites of agencies and other EU bodies, and EU institutions and other bodies.

Development and humanitarian aid to non-EU countries

The Commission also publishes data on beneficiaries of development aid to non-EU countries and beneficiaries of humanitarian aid.

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