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Judicial redress - collective redress

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Commission's Initiative on Collective Redress, June 2013

The initiative includes a series of common, non-binding principles for collective redress mechanisms in the Member States so that citizens and companies can enforce the rights granted to them under EU law where these have been infringed. The Recommendation aims to ensure a coherent horizontal approach to collective redress in the European Union without harmonising Member States' systems. National redress mechanisms should be available in different areas where EU law grants rights to citizens and companies, notably in consumer protection, competition, environment protection and financial services.

Previous activities regarding collective redress

Consultation on collective redress "Towards a coherent European approach to Collective Redress", February-April 2011

Hearing on collective redress, April 2011, Agendapdf , Session 1 | Session 2 | Session 3

Consultation paper for discussion on the follow-up to the Green Paper on consumer collective redress, May-July 2009

Green paper on consumer collective redress, May 2009

Consultation on the draft consumer collective redress benchmarks

Studies related to collective redress

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