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  The Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products (RAPEX)

Weekly overview report of RAPEX notifications

Report 19 (Published on: 19/05/2006)

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Weekly overview report

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Serious risk Disclaimer EN DE FR - Important notice for re-use of RAPEX notifications EN DE FR
Notifying country Product
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Risk Measures adopted by notifying country Products were found and measures were taken also in: (*)


Czech Republic

Category: Kitchen/cooking accessories




Type/number of model:

Batch number/Barcode:

OECD Portal Category:

Description: Pressure cooker made of stainless steel “BREMI International”

Country of origin: Unknown

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- The construction of the pressure cooker does not comply with the specific requirements for incorrect assembling or closing.

- The value of 50 kPa was reached during the test for incorrect fitting (the pressure in the vessel reached the value higher than 4 kPa). Under this situation the initial (unwilling) opening of the lid could be caused by torque of approximately 0.5 Nm on the arm of the lid and the user could be hit by immediate release of the accumulated pressure, hot steam escape and splashing of hot water.

- The sealing of the pressure cooker crashed during the test of resistance to deformation of the body and the lid.

- The pressure rose during the test evenly and when the pressure of the value 290 kPa was reached, the strong explosion of the pressure cooker was caused without any previous signals.

This product does not comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive and the relevant standards.

There was an explosion, but injuries connected with this type of product have not been reported yet.

Compulsory measures: Sales ban ordered by the authority.  




Category: Cosmetics




Type/number of model:

Batch number/Barcode: 80351632205

OECD Portal Category:

Description: Cosmetics “Royal Make-up” novelty make-up set (toy) – “Geoffrey”.

Country of origin: China

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The mesophilic aerobic microorganisms count of the product is 13 000 ufc/g and the mould and yeast count 7 900 ufc/g. The product does not comply with the Cosmetics Directive, the Toys Directive and the Spanish national rules.

Compulsory measures: Import of the product prohibited by the authority.  




Category: Toys


Brand: 1) Fluffy Ball,
2) No brand

Name: 1) Fluffy ball yo-yo and 2) Large purple yo-yo.

Type/number of model:

Batch number/Barcode: 1) 8435202700106,
2) Unknown

OECD Portal Category:

Description: YoYo balls.

Country of origin: China

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Laboratory tests have confirmed that these toys pose a risk of strangulation due to their design, since the elastic cord that ends in a ring can be stretched considerably.

These toys do not meet the essential safety requirements, as they pose a risk of strangulation when children swing the yo-yos around their heads like a lasso.

Compulsory measures: Import of these products has been stopped by the customs authorities.  




Category: Electrical appliances and equipment



Name: Cordless filter kettle white / green.

Type/number of model: 4225063 (white),
4225049 (green)

Batch number/Barcode: KK05

OECD Portal Category:

Description: Cordless filter kettle white / green “Cookworks” (Argos own brand - Argos are a catalogue retail company. They operate in Ireland and the U.K.).

Description: Cardboard carton 24cm x 15cm x 26cm.

Country of origin: China

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Risk of scalding caused by hot water. The element fails in use causing a short circuit. This creates energy which forces the water out of the kettle.

Investigation revealed that the element had been poorly manufactured leading to a weakness and subsequent failure. 128 incidents reported through Argos hazard notification procedure.

Voluntary measures: Voluntary withdrawal from sale. Recall notices placed in Argos stores.  



United Kingdom

Category: Toys




Type/number of model: HZ877

Batch number/Barcode: 8 714218688777

OECD Portal Category:

Description: Balance Game with 4 pyramids “Charl’s Toys”

Country of origin: The Netherlands

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Toy has excessive lead and chromium in green and yellow paint - poses a potential toxicity hazard to children. Green paint contains 3040 mg/KG of migratable lead and 350 mg/KG of migratable Chromium. Yellow paint contains 2840 mg/KG of migratable lead and 340 mg/KG of migratable Chromium. BS EN 71-3 permits maximum permissible concentrations of lead at 90 mg/Kg and Chromium at 60mg/KG.

Product does not comply with the Toys Directive and the relevant standards.

Voluntary measures: Voluntary recall from consumers by the retailer.  



Enforcement is a top priority of the EU Consumer Policy Strategy 2007-2013. Both measures leading to RAPEX notifications and measures which come to the attention of the Commission and other Member States as reactionsare indications of enforcement activity in the Member State concerned.

In order to give a better view on the overall level of enforcement, including the follow-up activities of the national market surveillance authorities, the Commission RAPEX team has decided to publish on the RAPEX website also the names of the countries that have found the notified product on their market and have taken appropriate measures (and have submitted a reaction to a RAPEX notification as a consequence).

Information about the reacting countries is available in the RAPEX weekly overviews in the column 'Products were found and measures were taken also in'. The Commission RAPEX team will publish reactions sent (from May2009 onwards) to 2009 RAPEX notifications.

DISCLAIMER: If not specified in the report, the risk and non-compliance refer to a risk for consumer health and safety

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that proprietary brands, designs and logos that appear in this listing may have been used in violation of intellectual property rights and thus without the legitimate owner's knowledge and/or permission.

Disclaimer - EN

The official contact points of the Member and EFTA-EEA States provide the information published in these weekly overviews. Under the terms of Annex II.10 to the General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC) responsibility for the information provided lies with the notifying party. The Commission does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.

Disclaimer - DE

Die in dieser wöchentlichen Übersicht veröffentlichten Informationen wurden von den offiziellen Kontaktstellen der EU- und EFTA-EWR-Mitgliedstaaten mitgeteilt. Gem äß Anhang II Ziffer 10 der Richtlinie über allgemeine Produktsicherheit (2001/95/EG) ist der meldende Mitgliedstaat für die mitgeteilten Informationen verantwortlich. Die Kommission übernimmt keine Verantwortung für die Korrektheit der bereitgestellten Informationen.

Disclaimer - FR

Les informations publiées dans les rapports hebdomadaires sont fournies par les points de contact officiels des États membres de l'UE et de l'AELE/EEE. Au titre de l'annexe II.10 de la directive relative à la sécurité générale des produits(2001/95/CE), la responsabilité des informations fournies incombe à la seule partie notifiante. La Commission décline toute responsabilité quant à l'exactitude des informations fournies.

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