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National consumer organisations

The Commission attaches great importance to working closely  with consumer organisations as representatives of consumers. Involvement of these organisations in EU policies is a key element of producing better and more effective consumer protection legislation.

There are many consumer organisations in particular countries in the EU. They differ in size, background and capacity, but their common goal is to ensure that consumers are aware of their rights and are able to use them in practice.

The country profiles available below include:

  • list of national consumer bodies operating at national level;
  • information on public funding of consumer organisations;
  • networks or bodies which bring together consumer organisations and public authorities;
  • information on national policies related to consumer organisations.

EU Member States

Austria (2016)pdf(414 kB)Belgium (2016)pdf(419 kB) Choose translations of the previous link Bulgaria (2016)pdf(201 kB)
Croatiapdf(147 kB)Cyprus (2017)pdf(105 kB)Czech Republic (2017)pdf(177 kB)
Denmarkpdf(54 kB)Estoniapdf(130 kB)Finlandpdf(80 kB)
Francepdf(94 kB)Germany (2016)pdf(338 kB) Choose translations of the previous link Greecepdf(201 kB)
Hungary (2016)pdf(169 kB)Irelandpdf(152 kB)Italypdf(119 kB)
Latviapdf(95 kB)Lithuaniapdf(190 kB)Luxembourgpdf(76 kB)
Malta (2016)pdf(617 kB)The Netherlands (2016)pdf(52 kB)Polandpdf(885 kB)
Portugalpdf(262 kB)Romaniapdf(136 kB)Slovakiapdf(245 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 
Sloveniapdf(99 kB)Spain (2016)pdf(467 kB)Sweden (2017)pdf(54 kB)
United Kingdompdf(142 kB)

Other EEA Countries

Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained in those documents was supplied by the relevant national authorities. Those documents were produced at different dates, and may not reflect the latest developments in their relative fields. Please check the exact date of production in each country profile.

Training courses for Personnel of Consumer Organisations

In order to improve effectiveness of consumer organisations, the European Commission has been organising training courses in Management, Lobbying, Financial Services and European Consumer Law, as well as specialised courses in specific topic or area.

These courses are open to personnel of consumer organisations in the EU Member States, the candidate countries and the EEA.

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